Coaches, we enjoy writing about your teams as much as possible and publishing details on as many of your games and events as we can, but we need your help.

First, we encourage you to report your scores and box scores.  Even if we are not at your games live, we can still publish information on the contests if we have a complete box score, key stats and any additional details you can provide.  Scores can be reported in several convenient ways.  Just visit our REPORT SCORES HERE page and follow the instructions.

In the interim we need your rosters.  Often we receive scant pieces of information which a roster can help complete.  For instance, an opposing coach may send us a note which reads, “No. 35 for the other team was great.”  That’s good information to know, but we may not be able to figure out who wears No. 35. Rosters would help solve that problem.

Please send your rosters to us at Or, you can fax them to 410-256-3409.  It takes just a few minutes and it can pay off in added exposure for your team and athletes.

Thanks for your help!