River Hill was second, Arundel third

by Billy Loverocket

An oddity unfolded during the bracketed portion of competition on Saturday at Hammond High School when Chesapeake of Anne Arundel County won the team title without claiming any individual golds.

No. 10 Victor Listorti (160), DJ Hoover (170), and Chandler Booker (195) were runner-ups for the Cougars. Dylan Ritter (106), No. 23 Chase Listorti (126), Owen Schmidt (138), and Jacob Rosenbloom (152) grabbed bronze.

Heavyweight Ron McDuffie was fourth, placing fifth were Justin Shifflet (120) and Aiden Yost (132). Sliding to the sixth spot on the podium were, Bryce Carleton (145), Dion Ambrose (182), and Zak Hardin (220).

River Hill’s No. 22 Jonah Richardson upset No. 15 Ryan Ohler (Liberty) in the 126lb finals, 6-4, for his school’s only championship.

Arundel’s third place showing was pulled off with one lone champ, No. 9 Trevor Gagnon got by Victor Listorti in the 160lb finals, 8-6. This was the two grapplers second meeting in recent weeks as Gagnon won their dual matchup as well, 4-0.

The Golden Bears were fourth and kept two titles in house with Jabari Pinkey (113) and No.12 Micah Nowin (152) winning their finals matchups. Nowin did so with a 5-2 win over No. 11 Michael Crisitello (River Hill).

Westminster’s two champs helped them to a fifth-place finish. Nathan Hohman needed overtime to takeout Chesapeake’s Hoover at 170, 7-5. No.17 Jack Conrad pinned a Chesapeake foe of his own, planting Booker at 2:48.

The 106lb class was won by Francis Scott Key’s Zach Kinloch with a 2-0 decision of River Hill’s Nick Bakhtiar. No. 19 McClain Butler (182) took another crown back to Carroll County for Liberty with a 10-4 downing of Severn’s Quentin Day.

Butler’s win over the unranked Day could end up being bigger than it may seem. Day showed potential at Glen Burnie last year as a sophomore placing fourth in the county and fifth in his region. The move to Severn is proving valuable as he’s been turning heads this year with strong showings at Ray Oliver (4th), Mount Mat Madness (7th) and the Prep Slam in Georgia (4th).

Severn did push two wrestlers to the top of the podium, Ryan Money (120, No. 10 at 113) and No. 6 Brad Labella. Money beat Arundel’s Sean Quinn 11- 2 and LaBella downed Kenwood’s state runner-up No.4 Daylon Duncan, 2-0, for the 145lb wall chart.

Friday night’s pool round featured craziness at 145 with Duncan, No. 21 Dylan McCullough (River Hill), and No. 24 Nathan Perry (Francis Scott Key) providing the fireworks. Duncan pinned McCullough in the first period, 1:38. McCullough beat Perry, 11-7, and all was going according to the rankings until Perry stepped on the mat with an upset in mind, pulling it off, 5-4, over Duncan. Perry got revenge on McCullough with an 8-1 win in the third-place bout.

Prince George’s County secured two titles when No. 12 Jaran Fernandors (Fairmont Heights) won the 138lb final 14-7 over Liberty’s Anthony Marsico. Bowie’s Dainon Kappees staked claim to the 132lb belt with a 12-7 win against Hammond’s Keiron Wilson.

Delaware’s Indian River went home with two champions. T.J. Burke won the 220lb title with a pin in overtime, 7:40, of Liberty’s Kyle Hutchinson. At 285, Ramond Turner (Ranked No. 3 in DE by 302 Sports) edged Arundel’s No.5 Nate Kloss, 3-1.

Note: All rankings referenced are by BillyB’s Wrestling World unless otherwise noted

Team Scores:
1-Chesapeake-AA 326
2-River Hill 313.5
3-Arundel 269
4-Hammond 259
5-Westminster 257
6-Liberty 225
7-Indian River (DE) 221.5
8-Fairmont Heights 191.5
9-Kenwood 185
10-Francis Scott Key 173
11-Severn 148.5
12-Bowie 117.5

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Zach Kinloch of Francis Scott Key
2nd Place – Nick Bakhtiar of River Hill
3rd Place – Dylan Ritter of Chesapeake-AA
4th Place – Ty Streib of Westminster
5th Place – Toluwalase Adetosoye of Fairmont Heights
6th Place – Diego Steiner of Arundel
1st Place Match
Zach Kinloch (Francis Scott Key) 3-0, . over Nick Bakhtiar (River Hill) 2-1, . (Dec 2-0)
3rd Place Match
Dylan Ritter (Chesapeake-AA) 2-1, . over Ty Streib (Westminster) 1-2, . (MD 15-4)
5th Place Match
Toluwalase Adetosoye (Fairmont Heights) 2-1, . over Diego Steiner (Arundel) 1-2, . (Fall 4:50)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Jabari Pinkney of Hammond
2nd Place – Angel Borges of Arundel
3rd Place – Dyson Muller of River Hill
4th Place – Ivan Allen of Westminster
5th Place – Cristin Galindo-Lopez of Indian River
6th Place – Matt Slowikowski of Liberty
1st Place Match
Jabari Pinkney (Hammond) 3-0, . over Angel Borges (Arundel) 2-1, . (Fall 6:00)
3rd Place Match
Dyson Muller (River Hill) 2-1, . over Ivan Allen (Westminster) 1-2, . (Fall 4:38)
5th Place Match
Cristin Galindo-Lopez (Indian River) 2-1, . over Matt Slowikowski (Liberty) 1-2, . (Dec 11-6)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Ryan Money of Severn School
2nd Place – Sean Quinn of Arundel
3rd Place – Ian Shaubach of Indian River
4th Place – Ryder Eckenbarger of Westminster
5th Place – Justin Shifflet of Chesapeake-AA
6th Place – Aiden Mihalik of River Hill
1st Place Match
Ryan Money (Severn School) 3-0, . over Sean Quinn (Arundel) 2-1, . (MD 11-3)
3rd Place Match
Ian Shaubach (Indian River) 2-1, . over Ryder Eckenbarger (Westminster) 1-2, . (Fall 4:08)
5th Place Match
Justin Shifflet (Chesapeake-AA) 2-1, . over Aiden Mihalik (River Hill) 1-2, . (Dec 9-6)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Jonah Richardson of River Hill
2nd Place – Ryan Ohler of Liberty
3rd Place – Chase Listorti of Chesapeake-AA
4th Place – Anthony Raymond of Bowie
5th Place – Sam Bruce of Severn School
6th Place – Tyler Beaver of Westminster
1st Place Match
Jonah Richardson (River Hill) 3-0, . over Ryan Ohler (Liberty) 2-1, . (Dec 6-4)
3rd Place Match
Chase Listorti (Chesapeake-AA) 2-1, . over Anthony Raymond (Bowie) 1-2, . (Fall 1:00)
5th Place Match
Sam Bruce (Severn School) 2-1, . over Tyler Beaver (Westminster) 1-2, . (Fall 4:56)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Dainon Kappes of Bowie
2nd Place – Keiron Wilson of Hammond
3rd Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
4th Place – Ta`Jon Knight of Indian River
4th Place – Adam Lake of Arundel
5th Place – Aiden Yost of Chesapeake-AA
6th Place – Edgardo Fernandez of Fairmont Heights
1st Place Match
Dainon Kappes (Bowie) 3-0, . over Keiron Wilson (Hammond) 2-1, . (Dec 12-7)
3rd Place Match
Adam Lake (Arundel) 1-1, . over Ta`Jon Knight (Indian River) 1-1, . (DFF)
5th Place Match
Aiden Yost (Chesapeake-AA) 2-1, . over Edgardo Fernandez (Fairmont Heights) 1-2, . (Fall 2:41)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Jaron Fernandors of Fairmont Heights
2nd Place – Anthony Marsico of Liberty
3rd Place – Owen Schmidt of Chesapeake-AA
4th Place – Josh Chang of Arundel
5th Place – Kiernon Kappes of Bowie
6th Place – Dan Stephens of Westminster
1st Place Match
Jaron Fernandors (Fairmont Heights) 3-0, . over Anthony Marsico (Liberty) 2-1, . (Dec 14-7)
3rd Place Match
Owen Schmidt (Chesapeake-AA) 2-1, . over Josh Chang (Arundel) 1-2, . (Dec 4-1)
5th Place Match
Kiernon Kappes (Bowie) 2-1, . over Dan Stephens (Westminster) 1-2, . (Dec 7-2)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Brad LaBella of Severn School
2nd Place – Daylon Duncan of Kenwood
3rd Place – Nathan Perry of Francis Scott Key
4th Place – Dylan McCullough of River Hill
5th Place – Joey McCampbell of Arundel
6th Place – Bryce Carleton of Chesapeake-AA
1st Place Match
Brad LaBella (Severn School) 3-0, . over Daylon Duncan (Kenwood) 2-1, . (Dec 2-0)
3rd Place Match
Nathan Perry (Francis Scott Key) 2-1, . over Dylan McCullough (River Hill) 1-2, . (Dec 8-1)
5th Place Match
Joey McCampbell (Arundel) 2-1, . over Bryce Carleton (Chesapeake-AA) 1-2, . (Fall 4:51)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Micah Nowlin of Hammond
2nd Place – MIchael Crisitello of River Hill
3rd Place – Jacob Rosenbloom of Chesapeake-AA
4th Place – Jaydon Bowden of Arundel
5th Place – Trevor Scott of Westminster
6th Place – Marc Taylor of Kenwood
1st Place Match
Micah Nowlin (Hammond) 3-0, . over MIchael Crisitello (River Hill) 2-1, . (Dec 5-2)
3rd Place Match
Jacob Rosenbloom (Chesapeake-AA) 2-1, . over Jaydon Bowden (Arundel) 1-2, . (Dec 4-2)
5th Place Match
Trevor Scott (Westminster) 2-1, . over Marc Taylor (Kenwood) 1-2, . (Fall 4:30)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Trevor Gagnon of Arundel
2nd Place – Victor Listorti of Chesapeake-AA
3rd Place – Justin Richardson of Liberty
4th Place – Elliott Bauer of Hammond
5th Place – Evan Click of Westminster
6th Place – Dailen Jeng of River Hill
1st Place Match
Trevor Gagnon (Arundel) 3-0, . over Victor Listorti (Chesapeake-AA) 2-1, . (Dec 8-6)
3rd Place Match
Justin Richardson (Liberty) 2-1, . over Elliott Bauer (Hammond) 1-2, . (For.)
5th Place Match
Evan Click (Westminster) 2-1, . over Dailen Jeng (River Hill) 1-2, . (Dec 5-2)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Nathan Hohman of Westminster
2nd Place – Dj Hoover of Chesapeake-AA
3rd Place – Elijah Skanes of Fairmont Heights
4th Place – Kyriakos Galanakos of River Hill
5th Place – Sam Kinloch of Francis Scott Key
6th Place – Tyler Francis of Kenwood
1st Place Match
Nathan Hohman (Westminster) 3-0, . over Dj Hoover (Chesapeake-AA) 2-1, . (SV-1 7-5)
3rd Place Match
Elijah Skanes (Fairmont Heights) 2-1, . over Kyriakos Galanakos (River Hill) 1-2, . (Fall 4:44)
5th Place Match
Sam Kinloch (Francis Scott Key) 2-1, . over Tyler Francis (Kenwood) 1-2, . (Fall 1:35)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – McClain Butler of Liberty
2nd Place – Quentin Day of Severn School
3rd Place – Charles Huntley III of Kenwood
4th Place – Linus Sekedjah of Hammond
5th Place – Laith Aboarob of River Hill
6th Place – Dion Ambrose of Chesapeake-AA
1st Place Match
McClain Butler (Liberty) 3-0, . over Quentin Day (Severn School) 2-1, . (Dec 10-4)
3rd Place Match
Charles Huntley III (Kenwood) 2-1, . over Linus Sekedjah (Hammond) 1-2, . (Fall 3:43)
5th Place Match
Laith Aboarob (River Hill) 2-1, . over Dion Ambrose (Chesapeake-AA) 1-2, . (Dec 5-2)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Jack Conrad of Westminster
2nd Place – Chandler Booker of Chesapeake-AA
3rd Place – Ryan Gessell of River Hill
4th Place – Nashawn Morgan of Kenwood
5th Place – Jose Perez of Indian River
6th Place – Oscar Guevera of Hammond
1st Place Match
Jack Conrad (Westminster) 3-0, . over Chandler Booker (Chesapeake-AA) 2-1, . (Fall 2:48)
3rd Place Match
Ryan Gessell (River Hill) 2-1, . over Nashawn Morgan (Kenwood) 1-2, . (Fall 1:56)
5th Place Match
Jose Perez (Indian River) 2-1, . over Oscar Guevera (Hammond) 1-2, . (Fall 1:49)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – T.J. Burke of Indian River
2nd Place – Kyle Hutchinson of Liberty
3rd Place – Wyatt Johns of Francis Scott Key
4th Place – Randy Gibbs of Fairmont Heights
5th Place – David Flynn of River Hill
6th Place – Zak Hardin of Chesapeake-AA
1st Place Match
T.J. Burke (Indian River) 3-0, . over Kyle Hutchinson (Liberty) 2-1, . (Fall 7:40)
3rd Place Match
Wyatt Johns (Francis Scott Key) 2-1, . over Randy Gibbs (Fairmont Heights) 1-2, . (Fall 0:58)
5th Place Match
David Flynn (River Hill) 2-1, . over Zak Hardin (Chesapeake-AA) 1-2, . (MD 8-0)

Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Ramond Turner of Indian River
2nd Place – Nate Kloss of Arundel
3rd Place – Dustin Burgett of Francis Scott Key
4th Place – Ron McDuffie of Chesapeake-AA
5th Place – Austin Stewart of Hammond
6th Place – Prince Monlandjo of Fairmont Heights
1st Place Match
Ramond Turner (Indian River) 3-0, . over Nate Kloss (Arundel) 2-1, . (Dec 3-1)
3rd Place Match
Dustin Burgett (Francis Scott Key) 2-1, . over Ron McDuffie (Chesapeake-AA) 1-2, . (Fall 0:49)
5th Place Match
Austin Stewart (Hammond) 2-1, . over Prince Monlandjo (Fairmont Heights) 1-2, . (Fall 3:40)