The Calvert Hall Cardinals came out of Wednesday’s tri-meet with two tough results, seeing a blowout loss to No. 5 Mount St. Joe, 62-9, and turning around to another dominating loss to Boys’ Latin, 61-18.

Winning just two matches against the Gaels, Luke Koski and Matt Crum were the only Cardinals to earn a decision and fall against the No. 5 team, but the Cards came back against the Lakers to win three bouts, though two would come by forfeits.

Mount St. Joe saw eight falls, with three coming back-to-back-to-back at 189, 215 and 285 from Matt Lucas, Tyler Tippett and Keith Waddell, and all other wins but two came with bonus points.

John DeLeonardo was the only Calvert Hall wrestler to win a contested bout against Boys’ Latin, earning a fall at 189.

Boys’ Latin had nine wins come by way of fall, six being strung together by Frankie Johnso (125), Michael Floccare (130), Alex Malinowski (135), Tyrell Johnson (140), Elliott Trostel (145) and George Rice (152).

Other Laker winners included Hunter Cotsoradis (103), Danny Shaifer (112), Chris Rubino (160), Parker Hawkins (215) and Eric Simmons (285).

Mount St. Joe hosts Mount Mat Madness, Jan. 14, while Calvert Hall heads to the Deposit Tournament and Boys’ Latin faces Gilman, Jan. 14.

Mount Saint Joseph 62, Calvert Hall 9

103: Jones, Sean (MSJ)  FALL Lambdin, Matt(Calvert Hall)  0:20
112: Proctor, Stanley (MSJ School)  FALL DeMatt, Collin(Calvert Hall)  1:03
119: Koski, Luke (Calvert Hall)  DEC Mattson, Cole(MSJ l)  4-0
125: Klose, Jimmy (MSJ)  FALL Watkins, John(Calvert Hall)  3:03
130: Morgan, Jonathan (MSJ)  DEC Boyce, Devan(Calvert Hall)  4-1
135: Crum, Matt (Calvert Hall)  FALL Parrish, Russ(MSJ) 4:28
140: Sarbanes, Jimmy (MSJ)  MD Nguyen, Bruce(Calvert Hall)  13-3
145: Massaro, Brady (MSJ)  FALL Evans, Alex(Calvert Hall)  1:44
152: Salmon, Daniel (MSJ)  MD Sampson, Aaron(Calvert Hall)  14-5
160: Berlin, Klye (MSJ)  FALL Cervantes, Kyle(Calvert Hall)  5:37
171: Rill, Tyler (MSJ)  DEC Rutlegde, Forrest(Calvert Hall)  10-4
189: Lucas, Matt (MSJ)  FALL DeLeonardo, John(Calvert Hall)  1:15
215: Tippett, Tyler (MSJ)  FALL Suter, James(Calvert Hall)  0:20
285: Waddell, Keith (MSJ)  FALL Gonzales, Isiah(Calvert Hall)  0:17

Boys’ Latin 61, Calvert Hall 18

103: Cotsoradis, Hunter (Boys’ Latin)  Fall  Lambdin, Matt(Calvert Hall)  1:18
112: Shaifer, Danny (Boys’ Latin) MD DeMatt, Collin(Calvert Hall) 10-1
119: Koski, Luke (Calvert Hall)  For (Boys’ Latin)  –
125: Johnson, Frankie (Boys’ Latin)  FALL Watkins, John(Calvert Hall) 3:46
130: Floccare, Michael (Boys’ Latin)  FALL Gard, Andrew(Calvert Hall) 0:52
135: Malinowski, Alex (Boys’ Latin)  FALL Crum, Matt(Calvert Hall) 2:54
140: Johnson, Tyrell (Boys’ Latin)  FALL Nguyen, Bruce(Calvert Hall) 3:21
145: Trostel, Elliott (Boys’ Latin)  FALL Evans, Alex(Calvert Hall) 4:50
152: Rice, George (Boys’ Latin)  FALL Sampson, Aaron(Calvert Hall) 0:47
160: Rubino, Chris (Boys’ Latin)  DEC Cervantes, Kyle(Calvert Hall) 6-3
171: Rutlegde, Forrest (Calvert Hall)  For (Boys’ Latin)  –
189: DeLeonardo, John (Calvert Hall)  FALL Ttaft, Leelliott(Boys’ Latin) 2:00
215: Hawkins, Parker (Boys’ Latin)  FALL Suter, James(Calvert Hall) 1:05
285: Simmons, Eric (Boys’ Latin)  FALL Gonzales, Isiah(Calvert Hall) 0:50