Covid-19 created the need for modifications

Students who may have been ineligible for Spring sports in Baltimore County will get a reprieve for Fall/Winter sports in the coming academic year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the County announced this month.

These change was deemed necessary to bring the requirements in greater alignment with updated grading and reporting procedures, adopted after schools shut down in response to the virus. All students would now be eligible for Fall and Winter sports pending Marking Period 1 grades. The previous requirements would be waived as some students have had no way to improve their GPA based on Covid-19.

Marking Period 1 report card distribution is scheduled to occur after the Winter practice season has started, but prior to any games being played, and this timing is typical.

The changes to eligibility are shown the the chart below and represent and include feedback from BCPS high school principals.

Student Group Previous
New Model
Rising 9th Graders Open
Open eligibility until
MP1 grades
Rising 10th,
11th and 12th Graders
GPA ≥ 2.0 with
no more than one
failing, incomplete,
or medical grade in
the preceding quarter
Open eligibilty until MP1 grades

The following Fall and Winter sports are affected by this change in student eligibility.

Fall: Badminton, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Football, Golf, Soccer, Volleyball.

Winter: Basketball, Cheerleading, Indoor Track, Wrestling.