Being beaten by an opponent leaves a psychological scar, no matter when or where the loss comes.  So one would think losing five to six matches to the same wrestler should leave a psychological coma.  But not to Spalding’s Brady Gaynor.

With the Ray Oliver Tournament finals on the line, Gaynor overcame half a dozen prior losses to Archbishop Curley’s Brett Przywara and earned his first win over the distinguished wrestler, 3-1.

“I have wrestled that kid five or six times and have never beaten him.  I’ve actually never gotten a takedown on him,” Gaynor said.  “I knew I had to go at him, and once I got the takedown in the first period I knew I had him.”

The first takedown on the match, coming within the first 10 seconds, gave Gaynor a 2-0 lead heading into the second period, where he managed an escape for a 3-0 lead.

Allowing just one escape to Przywara in the third period, Gaynor was able to stay away from big moves and a last chance takedown to hold on for the 3-1 win.

“I knew he was going to keep coming at me,” Gaynor explained, “so I just had to stay with it and not let him get in my way.  It was a big win, not only for the team, but for myself.  It gives me confidence for the rest of the year knowing that I am getting better.”

Gaynor joines teammate Will Switzer as another Cavalier to beat Przywara, and Switzer has supported Gaynor in the match-up.

“Will beat him last year, and he pulled me aside and told me that he beat him and wrestles with my in practice, and told me that I can beat hi,” Gaynor said.  “My coaches  have been telling me for the last couple years that I can beat this guy.  “

Gaynor now enters the championship finals to take on Great Bridge’s John McClanahan for the 135-pound Ray Oliver title.

“I just have to keep wrestling like I have been,” Gaynor said.  “Keep doing my offense, not letting guys get on me, and that should be all it takes.”

Spalding’s perfection through the round led to the Cavaliers advancing all five of their wrestlers from the semis to the championship finals.

First placing lightweights Michael Still (103) and Logan Breitenbach (125) into the next round, Spalding’s Brady Gaynor pulled one over Curley’s Brett Przywara in a tight, 3-1, decision to head into the 135-pound final.

Two weightclasses later, Charlie Lynch added to the growing list of Cavalier wrestlers to move on, pinning Mark Wilson in 1:36, before Kvaunte Smith punched his tournament finals ticket with a 25-5 decision over McDonogh’s Kevin Marvel at 189.

With the semifinal success, Spalding leaped into first place over Caesar Rodney, leading by 20 points, and McDonogh still remained in the top five.  Ceasar Rodney advanced two wrestlers to the championship finals.

The finals are scheduled to start at 4 p.m. in the Field House at the McDonogh School.

Championship Finals

103-Michael Still, AS vs. Brent Fleetwood, SMY
112- John Archangelo, SMY vs. Micah Hight, CR
119- Chris Donaldson, SAL vs. Paul O`Neill, GON
125- Logan Breitenbach, AS vs. Matt Kibblehouse, SAL
130- Shane Arechiga, GC vs. Jack Clark, McD
135- John McClanahan, GB vs. Brady Gaynor, AS
140- Cody Broomall, SC vs. Michael Sprague, GP
145- Charlie Lynch, AS vs. Thomas Wilson, GP
152- Cody Combs, SC vs. Tyler Patrick, McD  
160- Issah Meade, CR vs. Ryan Wolfe, CA
171- Josh Snook, STM vs. Griffin Dulany, LNG
189- Michael Mauk, STM vs. Kvaunte Smith, AS
215- Joey Spicer, SC vs. Kyle Snyder, GC
285- Stephen Snyder, GC vs. Disco Schafferman, HVT