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If you love high school sports in Maryland, you have come to the right place.  This web site has been established to satisfy the absolute craving that exists throughout the region for quality coverage of high school sports.

We have assembled a team of experienced staff reporters and freelance contributors to bring you a unique brand of coverage which includes extensive game/event coverage, feature stories, video highlights and interviews, local rankings, and so much more.

VSN will also become your one stop resource for schedules, scores and local high school standings.  We will leave no stone unturned to capture and report all of the scores and we welcome your help.  If you ever see a missing score on this site, simply visit our REPORT SCORES HERE page and select one of our convenient score reporting methods.  Once we receive it, we’ll verify it and post it.

We also want to re-establish the lost art of publishing box scores.  Unfortunately, as space in local newspapers have decreased, so has the coverage of high school sports and one of the earliest victims was the published box score.  For coaches and team representatives, we have box score reporting forms linked to our REPORT SCORES HERE page.  All reported box scores will be posted, attached to the game results, and available for everyone to see as they scroll our various schedule pages.

Another unique feature of VSN is that we are truly a web network.  Yes, we have a home page for our most recent, high profile content, but the content is also disbursed onto individual pages for each Sport, Conference, High School and Team.  This means you can bookmark your favorite sections to quickly reach the coverage which is most important to you.

We are here to promote high school sports and athletes.  We want to celebrate their positive accomplishments and we will do no negative reporting.  From time to time, negative stories do evolve in and around our schools and athletes and we may have to acknowledge the impact of these stories.  We will not, however, dwell on them or do any investigative reporting to bring something negative to light.  Further, we will never criticize an athlete, coach, official or administrator.

So, have fun browsing our hundreds of pages of content and don’t be shy about offering a suggestion or story idea.  You may contact us at info@VarsitySportsNetwork.com.